A Whimsical Steel Bandshell for Sandpoint’s Farmin Park

Hendricks Architecture, in cooperation with  Sandpoint Rotary, has designed a whimsical steel bandshell for the Farmin Park bandstand in Sandpoint, Idaho. The Project will be funded by Sandpoint Rotary and the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency.  Rotary members have been donating their time in coordination and fund raising, and will also have a hand in construction.

Farmin Park Bandshell

The Farmin Park Bandshell

The bandshell is designed to emulate other whimsical elements in the park, as well as the existing curved bandstand, and other rustic elements throughout downtown Sandpoint.  A curved steel roof structure will be supported by curved steel columns.  Two circular struts will enclose custom steel Rotary wheel emblems.  All steel will have a pre-rusted “weathered” finish.  The underside of the roof will have matching acoustic insulation to help with sound reverberation. Construction is scheduled for Summer of 2012.

Farmin Park is set in the middle of downtown Sandpoint.  The  Sandpoint Farmer’s Market occurs at the park Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings from May through October.  The bandstand is set at the far point of the park and houses a scheduled musician at every event.

The 3D rendering was provided by Tom Russell, an architect at Hendricks Architecture.  Special thanks also to the Rotary members who have been donating their time on this project, including Project Chairman Bob Linscott, Project Manager Sean Fitzpatrick, Presidents Jerri Anderson & Matt Kerr, Secretary Pierce Smith, Treasurer Sue Poppino,  as well as Kim Woodruff from City Parks and Rec, and Consultants Terry Hecox, Dick Creed, Carlos Suarez and Tom Brunner.

For updated info and photos on the bandshell, see Steel Bandshell in Sandpoint.

John Hendricks is an AIA architect at Hendricks Architecture.  We are a mountain architectural  firm in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Click to Subscribe to Hendricks Architecture’s Blog

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