Beach Home on Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Hendricks Architecture has designed a beach home which is currently under construction on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, near the city of Zihuatanejo.  Designing these Coastal Homes is always an enjoyable experience, especially when the property delivers awe inspiring views of the coastline as well as whale activity and ocean sunsets.

Mexico Beach Home – The Guest House

The hilltop guest house over the garage is being built first, along with the landscaping and pool.  The more organic main home will be constructed at a later date.  One of the owner’s favorite elements on the site is the infinity pool, which will hover over the ocean below.

Mexico Beach Home – Infinity Pool Construction

This seaside home has some similarities to the mountain architecture style we typically design, such as timbers and gable roofs.  It also has many differences such as the concrete structure for moisture and thermal efficiency.  The main house will also have spacious rooftop decks.

Mexico Beach Home – Trellis

This beach house by the sea is sure to be enjoyed for decades to come.  It certainly has some nice sunsets.

Mexico Beach Home – Hammock on the Covered Deck

See Mexico Beach House for design sketches of the main residence.  The original site plan sketch of the property is shown below.

Mexico Beach Home – Site Plan Sketch

John Hendricks, AIA Architect

Hendricks Architecture designs custom residences throughout North America, from small beach houses to luxury waterfront mountain homes.

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