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While we specialize in high end custom mountain homes and cabins, we have always received calls inquiring about stock home or cabin plans. After some thought, I decided to put together a few plans to satisfy this group.

Cabin Front Entry Elevation

Cabin Front Entry Elevation

This moderate sized cabin could be used as a rustic cabin retreat, a full time residence, a temporary home, a retirement home, or even as a guest house for in-laws, children or friends. All of the typical residential features are included for everyday living.

Unlike traditional stock plans or book plans, this architect designed open floor plan comes with well thought out wood interiors, including exposed rustic posts, beams, purlins, rafters, detailed wood paneling, and built-in cabinetry. Materials are designed for a comfortable rustic cabin, but are flexible per owner preferences. The energy efficient home also includes large windows to capture the views as well as bring in abundant natural light.

The 1,222 square foot cabin has a smaller footprint, but includes spaces often found in large residences. The plan consists of a Master Bedroom, a cozy Guest Room with built-ins, an open Entry/Great Room/Kitchen/Dining area, a Laundry Room, a detailed trussed entry porch and adjacent covered porches.

Cabin Floor Plan

Cabin Floor Plan

Among other energy efficient products and materials in the home, the Great Room includes an efficient wood burning fireplace that exceeds the 75% efficiency standard and qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit program.


Accurate and detailed drawings and specifications speed up construction time and efficiency. Our detailed plan sets are far superior to standard stock plans or book plans, and include:

  • Specifications
  • Dimensioned Floor Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Wall Sections and Details
  • Interior Elevations
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Window and Door Schedules
  • Electrical Plans
  • Finish Plans

Plans are drawn with cad software and can be reversed. Our plans include the option to customize them, rather than starting from scratch. We will give you an approximate value before beginning work.

Plans are designed per the latest International Residential Codes. As many areas have different requirements, the plans may need to be reviewed by a licensed professional in that jurisdiction.

This Cabin Plan is our first “stock” cabin plan. Prices include:

  • Preliminary Sketches – Schematic 8-1/2″ x 11″ drawings showing Floor Plans and the Front & Rear Elevations, for $200
  • Study Home Plans – Developed 24″ X 36″ drawings showing Floor Plans & all Exterior Elevations, for $500
  • Construction Set – A full set of 24″ X 36″ detailed drawings and specifications including Floor Plans, Foundation and Framing Plans, Exterior Elevations, Building Sections, Wall Sections, Details, Interior Elevations, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Window/Door Schedules, Electrical Plans, Finish Plans, and all Products and Materials Specified per the original design, all for $1850
  • Each Additional Construction Set $250
  • Construction Set PDF Files $1850

While we have started to delve into the stock plan arena, I would still recommend having a custom home designed for maximum living and cost efficiency. For more information see Good Quality Architecture Adds Value to Your Home.

Please visit Storybook Cabin Plan for our most recent stock plan, or our Projects for examples of some of our recently completed custom projects. We do not sell plans of our client’s custom homes.

For more information on our plans please contact us by phone at 208.265.4001, by email, or by filling out your information on our contact page.

John Hendricks, Architect AIA

Hendricks Architecture, mountain architects located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Subscribe to Hendricks Architecture Blog.

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