Is This A Good Time To Build?

It seems that all you hear these days is bad news about the economy. While it is definitely a tough business climate right now, there are also opportunities to take advantage of bargains, especially in the housing sector. If you have been considering building, this is an excellent time to get the most for your money by seizing opportunities that present themselves in a down economy.

Real Estate Prices Are Low:

There are plenty of great mountain and lakefront properties available now, and prices are more reasonable then they have been in the recent past. Existing home prices are also down, so it may make sense to buy an undervalued home in a great location and have us help you transform it into your dream home.

Contractors Are Competing For Projects:

Because of the slowdown in building, contractors are forced to be more competitive to win projects. This means you are likely to get the best value for your construction dollar, and you may be able to get that contractor who is normally booked for years in advance.

Building Costs Are Low:

Because of increased competition between material suppliers and a surplus in materials, now is a good time to get building supplies at good prices. Gas prices are currently as low as they have been in years, so delivery and excavation costs are a bargain compared to a year ago.

Now Is A Good Time To Start Design:

If you are considering doing a remodel or building a new home next spring or summer, now is the time to get the design process started. It is a good time to build, and we would love to talk to you about the great opportunities available today.

Consider Remodeling:

If current economic conditions are preventing you from building now, it might make sense to improve your current home to increase its resale value or help it sell quicker. We can help you make your home stand out from the rest.

John Hendricks, AIA Architect, NCARB

Tom Russell, Project Manager, LEED AP

Hendricks Architecture, Mountain Architects in Sandpoint, Idaho

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