Sandpoint Mountain Home on the Cover of Timber Home Living

A home Hendricks Architecture designed at The Idaho Club in Sandpoint, Idaho is the cover story in the August 2011 issue of Timber Home Living Magazine. It is a good example of the Mountain Architecture style we design, employing the use of big timbers, rustic siding and indigenous stone to blend mountain homes and cabins into their natural settings. More information and photos on this home can be seen on Mountain Style Home in Sandpoint, a previous post of ours. The cover shot and accompanying photos were taken by Karl Neumann Photography. The contractor was Pucci Construction.

Timber Home Living

Sandpoint Mountain Home on the Cover of Timber Home Living

John Hendricks, AIA Architect

Hendricks Architecture is a mountain architecture firm located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Subscribe to Hendricks Architecture’s Blog. Cover photo used with permission.

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