Storybook House Video

We recently completed a video for a storybook house/cabin.  This is a fun little “old world” home we had previously drawn with the mountain architecture style we typically design, blended with a little storybook cottage, Swiss chalet, and hobbit house style.  This quaint, whimsical home could fit in just as easily in the cities of  Seattle or Portland as it would in the New Zealand countryside or the Cascade Mountains.

The video was done with a simple SketchUp program.

Let us know what you think!

John Hendricks, Architect AIA NCARB

Hendricks Architecture specializes in residential design.  We design homes all over the USA and sometimes beyond.  Feel free to contact us if you’re thinking about designing a home.

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  1. Catherine Todd says

    What do I think? I LOVE IT! This “Storybook House” is just gorgeous. If I ever move to the beautiful mountains of Asheville North Carolina, I’ll be buying this plan. Thanks for posting!

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