As an architect, designing custom mountain homes for individuals and their families is a passion of mine. Capturing each homeowner’s ideas and tastes, and molding them into alluring structures is very gratifying to me. I may not be changing the world, but hopefully I’m at least making their lives a little more functional and pleasing. I cherish the relationships with our clients, and many have become good friends.

Dale Scott is one of those cherished clients, and he was kind enough to provide the following testimonial for a home that was recently completed near Sandpoint.

My wife and I retained John to design our retirement home for us. This was a very challenging task as we presented John with a variety of design and budget constraints. John proved more then up to the job. John is an excellent listener and incorporated our desires and dreams into his creative concepts. The end result was a home that is ideally suited to our lifestyle and yet carries the unique qualities that John brought to the process. While a modest home in all regards, it never the less was chosen as the featured residence in several magazines. At least one of our friends who have visited our home has contacted John about designing a home for them.

We found John to be very creative and knowledgeable, yet equally personable. I have worked with three other architects prior to my experience with John and our experience with John was by far the best. I can highly recommend John, and if you are thinking of having a home or remodel designed, I would suggest you visit John’s website and seriously consider retaining his services. If you have any questions about working with John please do not hesitate to contact me at dale@leapfrogleadership.com


Dale Scott

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