At Hendricks Architecture, our custom designs are as unique as our clients.  As architects, our top priority is to sit down with you and simply listen, as it is your house and often your lifelong dream. Thereafter, we will work with you to sculpt the functional spaces you envision into a pleasing form, and in doing so, creating a comfortable home for you to enjoy. To accomplish this goal, we take these basic steps…


Mountain Architecture Predesign


Our first step in the process is to listen to you, the owner. During our initial meetings together, we review your goals for the project, and ask questions to establish the scope of the project. We listen to your desires and concerns, look at any idea photographs you’ve collected, and take into consideration special needs, furnishings or collections that need to be accommodated. We can visit your house or lot to understand the site, views, topography, sun angles, climate concerns and privacy issues, among others. We will also discuss construction costs and your budget. The result of these meetings is a set of notes, which become the “program” for your project. A detailed review of all applicable zoning considerations, covenants and code restraints is also performed during this phase.




Using the site information and what we have gathered for the program, we begin to transform all the criteria into optimum design concepts, often with “bubble diagrams” to show space relationships. With your approval, we then illustrate the appearance through graphics such as a site plan, floor plans, elevations and/or illustrations in 3D sketches or renderings. The schematic design will also focus on the essential elements of orientation, views, spatial relationships, circulation, flow, size and volumes of the spaces.




Once we agree on a basic scheme, we develop the project to the next level. We continue to fine-tune the concept, while incorporating structural and major systems into the project.

We work with you to select exterior and interior materials, windows, and other major components of the project.

More “hard-lined” drawings will be presented to you such as floor plans, elevations, site plan, sections and 3D models. As with every stage, we also keep you updated on your budget.




In this phase, a detailed graphic representation of the characteristics and scope of the project is produced for the bidding and construction process, as well as for the approval of the local building officials. We and our consultants (if needed) will provide an orderly sequence of referenced detailed and precise drawings and specifications. These may include, among others: site grading plans, landscaping, dimensioned floor plans, elevations, sections, interior elevations (including cabinets), reflected ceiling plans, electrical, mechanical and structural plans; window, door, finish, electrical, plumbing and appliance schedules, and construction details.

Our plans are very detailed and thorough, giving the owner the most quality product. There is little room for error, thereby greatly minimizing the need for change orders during construction.




This phase begins with presenting the working drawings to a qualified contractor or contractors. We will assist you in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals, and assist in awarding and preparing contracts for construction.

We will also be available to answer any questions that contractors may have after they have reviewed the drawings. If necessary, we will issue drawings and/or addendums that clarify any questions that arise.




During construction, we will visit the site at appropriate times to make field observations and evaluations. We will review payment applications and change orders for accuracy, and will make sure the quality of the work is proceeding in accordance with the construction documents. We will also issue any additional drawings or specifications that may be needed to clarify the construction.