Storybook Architect

The Storybook Architectural style is a whimsical variant of the Tudor Revival from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Storybook Home Architect John Hendricks has been attracted to the Storybook style for many years and enjoys creating structures that invoke memories of the English and French countryside.

Storybook Architect

Our storybook cabin looks more like storybook cottage meets hobbit house meets Swiss chalet. Nevertheless, this quaint, whimsical cabin could fit in just as easily in a city such as Seattle (or in this case, Harbor Springs, Michigan) as it would in the New Zealand countryside or the Cascade Mountains.

Storybook Home - Storybook Architect
Storybook Architect - Storybook Home

The version in these photos was built as a pottery studio, with many of the walls removed, and with several different materials than the original storybook plan showed.

The home is loosely inspired by the playful Storybook Style from English and French medieval farmhouse design. This style has several style variations, including English Country Cottage, Cotswald Cottage, Hansel and Gretel, Fairy Tale House, Disneyesque, Hobbit House and Storybook House. All were designed to create a cozy, homelike atmosphere.

While we do offer a stock storybook cabin plan that can be purchased on our house plan page, we still recommend a custom home design for maximum living and cost efficiency for individual lifestyles.

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